Monday, April 06, 2009

Cancelled departure

A frustrating day. I got up, packed, checked out and was ready to go to the airport to get my flight to Rurrenabaque. However, on checking with reception, I found that, as happens quite often, the flights were not operating as normal that day. This is principally because Rurre airfield is, in fact, a field. So when it gets soggy, it's not safe to operate a plane from it. Obviously. The airline informed reception that we should check back around 1pm, when they would have the forecast for the afternoon in and have a better idea if any flights would be going. So I headed off to get in some internet time and Skype home. Back at the hostel, I ended up liaising with their travel desk rather than reception, who seemed to get the response, every time they rung Amaszonas, of "not sure yet, call us back in 15 minutes". This went on, on and off, until around 4pm, by which time it was obvious I would not be flying that day, but the airline tried to put me on the 0615 flight the next morning - I refused this and, after some haggling (during which I threatened to cancel the ticket and rebook through the hostel, who showed seats available), they agreed to put me on the 1105 flight the next day. Deja vu. Luckily for me, the laundry service at the hostel was running late, so I just managed to chuck the entire contents of my bag in the wash. I then headed over to the market area to the Vertigo shop, where I picked up my CD of pictures from the trip, then had a look around before grabbing some food at a little Chinese place called Jackie Chan's (yes, really!) and heading back to the hostel.
Turns out Monday night at Wild Rover is Quiz Night. I caught up in the bar with Trif and Cec, two fellow Brits whom I'd originally encountered in Sucre, and when Trif headed off to play pool (after a disagreement with Cec and I over the nature of addictions - don't ask, you don't want to know) we were joined by two other English girls, Amy and Rosie. Stuck for inspiration for a team name, we had a stroke of genius and acronymised or names - Cecily, Rosie, Amy, Pat. CRAP. Had a nice ring to it. Such a nice ring, in fact, that we won the prize for best team name and got given a round of shots for it. Sadly, we didn't win the actual quiz, our academic skills unfortunately being slightly surprisingly let down by a sub-par limbo display by Rosie. At any rate, a fun night was had, and I once again gave in to my less-sober instincts and went on for a post-hostel-closing drink, although this time I was a wee bit more sensible and made it home safe and sound in time to get a reasonable amount of sleep before another attempt at getting my flight.