Thursday, February 15, 2007

And in other news...

Hello once more, my many and various correspondees.

One more quick note, as various of you asked to be kept informed as to what I was going to do by way of REAL LIFE once I got home. A fair few of you (principally those for whom I have phone numbers) already know this, but my time loafing around at home is soon to end. I have an offer of employment once again. And, as of yesterday, my proposed start date has been brought forward, such that on March 5th I begin work for Trailfinders, the UK's leading independent travel agent (yes, I've already read the corporate literature...). I'll be based out of the Bristol office, so it's farewell to the wilds of southwest Cambridgeshire (praise be) and hello again to my Uni town, delightful old cider-infested Brizzle.

Prior to that, though, I'll be training in London for the first 5 weeks (early March to mid-April), so can hopefully catch up with some of you who are based down there.

Hope all's well wherever you are, and my thoughts are (jealously) with any of you still on the road. Take care and have fun,