Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back in training

Evening all.

One of my briefer posts I hope. I'm back in paid employment, and actually relishing the prospect of my first UK pay packet in almost 2 years tomorrow. Training at Trailfinders has been going well - nice bunch of fellow trainees, some good teachers, and the material's rather less dry than most other things I've been taught! The systems are proving relatively tractable (perhaps a little less unnerving for me than for some of the group who'd never really used a computer in command-line fashion rather than via windows), and the blizzard of destination information hasn't overwhelmed me yet!

And of course, I've been as sociable as ever - some of the group actually fall into that rarified category of "Bad Influence on Pat" - taking in some unfortunate encounters with tequila, an over-raucous celebration of St Patrick's Eve (gotta love the Irish), a couple of pub quizzes and catching up with various friends. All good fun.

And I've finally sorted out (touch wood) somewhere to live once I'm back in Bristol - still got to sign the contracts, but all agreed to move in on Easter Monday. So I have a job and an abode once more. Almost starting to turn back into a responsible adult.

Hope you're all well! Take care and have fun,